Triple Room

Triple En-suite Room 2,500 Kshs The Best Value Under the Sun

The triple en-suite rooms at Greton are distinguished by plush comfort and trend-setting design, a perfect solution for those travelling in groups of threes or family members. Our triple rooms make group accommodation very affordable, and all that more fun in a large, triple room with three beds and offering you the facilities and amenities to feel at ease when travelling in threes. If you’re travelling as a family of three, our triple rooms too, do not cease to be comfortable. The large amount of roaming room gives you enough space to have an exhilarating time, despite staying with two others.

Our Rates

Room Type Kshs
Citizens & Non-Citizens
Citizens & Non-Citizens
Citizens & Non-Citizens
Single 1,800 Approx $17.70 Approx £10.50
Double 2,000 Approx $19.70 Approx £12.00
Triple 2,500 Approx $24.60 Approx £15.50

All published rates include VAT or local service charges at the current rate. Accommodation rates are per room per night as indicated. The Hotel reserves the right to alter prices for any reason up to the date of booking.

Room Reservation

Please note: A minimum of 72 hours notice prior to arrival is required when cancelling a reservation.

Book by phone

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Monday to Sunday 7.00am - 22.00pm

Main facilities

  • En-Suite Shower and Toilet

    At Greton Hotel, each and every triple room is an en-suite. This means each triple room has a telephone shower, a separate toilet, wash basin and a shaving mirror within the room.

  • Double Bed, Mini-Table and Chairs

    Each triple en-suite room is tastefully furnished with a delightful large double bed, a trendy mini-table, and chairs. Our spacious double beds have been styled to make your time with us a memorable and relaxing one.

  • Wifi Broadband Access

    Whether your checking your e-mails, or generally browsing through the internet, each room is equipped with the very best stable High speed Wifi Broadband internet access.

  • Complimentary Toiletries

    In order to create a homely and inviting environment for all our guests, each triple room is equipped with essential toiletries, ensuring a much more pleasant and relaxing stay with us.

  • Storage Wardrobes

    Ample shelved wardrobe storage space is included in each room leaving you more living space to indulge in the relaxing atmosphere of your room.